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Please note that I'm still in the process of learning Japanese, as well as the art of translation. I'm not an authority on Japanese or Japanese culture. If you spot something incorrect or if you think I misunderstood the original, please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment so that I can fix it. All I ask is that you be kind.

I make no money from this and claim no ownership over the original content. Translating is purely a labor of love. A love of language and a love of the artists themselves.

Please feel free to add this journal if you want to. And I always love talking with people so please do drop me a line or leave a comment if you have something to say. Just remember that if you send me a PM I cannot respond unless you have responses from non-friends enabled if you would like a response.

Thank you!


Matsuko Deluxe. Essay on Morning Musume, AKB, and idols. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Gesu no Kiwami Otome. ゲスの極み乙女。
[ROCKIN'ON JAPAN 12.2014] 2 3
[Musica 2014.11] 2

月組 Cross talk from TAKARAZUKA REVUE 2015 Part 1 Part 2

戸塚祥太 Close up Actor [日本映画navi vol.58, released 2015.07.08] (and an interview with director Harada Masato from the same issue.)

河合郁人 in TVガイドPERSON VOL. 34 [2015.06]

A.B.C-Z Early Summer Concert x Doggies are cute crosstalk [WiNK UP 2015.07] Part 2

A.B.C-Z ツアーおつかれ BBQ Cross Talk! [duet 2014.12] Part 2

Hashimoto x Kawai in Television COLORS vol.11 ORANGE [Released 24.11.2014]

A.B.C-Z Johnny's World 2015 Cross-talk [Best Stage 2015.01]

A.B.C-Z FNS 歌謡祭 cross talk [WiNK UP 2015.02] Part 2

A.B.C-Z Special Talk and 2014 Reflections [Monthly TV Guide 2015.02]

A.B.C-Z 2015 Talk [QLAP 2015.01]

オリ★スタ Interviews

A.B.C-Z talk LEGEND TOUR DVD in オリ★スタ [2015.03.16] Part 2

A.B.C-Z talk LEGEND STORY DVD in オリ★スタ [2014.07.14] Part 2 Part 2.5 Part 3

A.B.C-Z talk FROM ABC TO Z CD in オリ★スタ [2014.03.17] Part 2

ダ・ヴィンチ (Da Vinci Magazine)

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少クラ部屋 monthly Kawai x Kiriyama crosstalks in Myojo
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Drive by post

I am alive and I have half of something translated but can we squee over WELCOME TO SEXY ZONE?!!!!


And "But..." has really grown on me. Fuma's dancing is wicked sloppy but I think Kawai must be having a good influence.


I love the hand wavey dance move.


Tsuka-chan Intro-DON! remains the greatest thing of all time.


And that's all from me right now!
One of the things that struck me at the Ebi-con was that Kawai-Goseki have really upped their game every year, learning from past experiences what they can do better. One example is Goseki's solo number. I remember in one of the crosstalks I translated he said that watching the playback of his Legend tour solo, he realized the lighting/staging wasn't good for an arena show. The next year (Early Summer Con) his solo utilized more of the space available and was lit much better. This year, he used even more of the space and the lighting was epic.

Anyways, I plan on scouring the Johnny's mags to find some good crosstalks about the concert/album planning. Did I mention I LOVE THE ALBUM!? Omgggg it is so good.

This morning, still working to get over jet lag, I watched the 2nd half of last year's Za that came with the Hanakotaba DVD. That's one of those songs that grew on me gradually. I really didn't like the story PV that went with the song and only watched it once. So in my head I was like "I don't like this song" but then we did it at karaoke and I knew all the words! I actually did like the song. It snuck up on me like Shower Gate did.

But OMG if Ebi are still working out the kinks on concert planning, they have "Revue" style stage shows down to a science. No Johnny's group does it better. They are Takarazuka-good at this stuff. (That said, I would love to see Ebi do a similar cross-dressing take on Moon Troupe's Tropicana segment of their revue from this year.


Anywho, have some caps from the second half of Za. I think I caught every costume change. Let's count!

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Me and the lady next to me were "kyaaaaaaaa" ing so hard. Tsuka-chan and Hasshi dueting on Ki ni sezu go my way (e-yay, e-yay, e-yay, e-yay!)

I don't know what mag these scans came from but I kind of need it. Like now. Although I do have the Best Stage with the Ebi cover pre-ordered.

Okay now I have to go but TALK TO ME PEOPLE! Let's have a fun A.B.C-Z time on LJ TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer 上々!

I'm delighted that Summer 上々 has apparently become one of Ebi's signature songs. It's so cheerful and fun and silly and just ♥

It was pointed out to me that I apparently had missed an episode of Shokura at some point when I was deep in work hell. I went back and watched it this morning and just AHHH!!!!

♥ ♥


Not to mention this nonsense. ♥ ♥


Plus SixTones doing "D-Motion" and the Jinguji's "Yuuki 100%" feat. Kishi...

Anyways, yes, I'm back from Japan and I saw Hasshi's Summer Paradise twice and all three Tokyo shows of the Ebi con. Hasshi threw me his signball (I didn't catch it but he threw it to me) and I got pointed at by Nagatsuma lol!


I hadn't had a good chance to listen to the album before the concert but I listened so many times on the airplane on the ride home and OMG IT IS SO GOOD!!!!! The production quality is a million times better than ABSeaMarket and all the songs are fantastic. Fly a Flag is probably my favorite right now but I love them all.

Anyways... *SQUEE*


*when you spot the cameras filming through the store window*


It's been a while but I'm still alive and well... just incredibly busy this year.

I just wanted to pop in and say OMG I'M GOING BACK TO JAPAN FOR THE A.B.C-Z CONCERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And to visit and fangirl irl with friends!!!!!!!!!)

If you will be there, please message me so we can meet up and say hello!

I haven't finished the A.B.C-Z Summer Holiday special yet but I loved them sitting around and eating in the parking lot in Kamakura. I'm definitely going to try and make this a day trip from Tokyo now.

Goseki eating bread almost as big as his head.

I ♥ my low rent, parking lot idols SO FUCKING MUCH!

If you feed Tsuka-chan with enough delicious things, he'll vote for you. That's a Tsuka-chan fact. Side note, I want a blueberry scone thingy too!! At first I thought Hasshi was saying "skunk" which didn't make any sense but it's early here so I just went with it.

Catch up, catch up, catch up...

This week's Shonen Club was great!! Minus the "Mr. Prince" bits because THEY ARE THE WORST. "Mr. King" has kind of grown on me, though. They're all pretty likable dweebs now that Hirano Sho has settled down. I have MANY THOUGHTS about the Ebi performance but for now:

Who else died at this? STOP BEING SO CUTE!! (Never stop.) ♥

I don't know if I've seen it said anywhere but I'm at least 75% sure that the "Stones" pronunciation of 6tones has to come from Kawai's (maybe Tottsu's too) influence because they all look up to him and he loves the Rolling STONES. Yes/Yes?

I also finally watched Johnny's Countdown and OMG OMG OMG!!!! So many great moments--I may have squealed OUT LOUD when Yamapi popped up--but...

Kawai looks so happy... *crying*




Totsuka Shota

No. 24: ABC座 2015 [ABCZa 2015]

Very personal essays from Totsuka Shota of Johnny’s acrobatic unit A.B.C-Z. While reflecting on events this book-lover searches for “links” in the books he has read.

This year is the fourth year in a row for ABCZa at Nissay Theater. The curtain first opened on the production in February 2012 hand-in-hand with our debut, Johnny’s first DVD debut. As in previous years, this year’s production was also composed of two acts, a drama and a revue, and each of us was able to take on a new challenge.

In the first act, a drama titled “Sands of the Mushroom”*, the five of us from A.B.C-Z are dressed up as a group called Planets** and we faced the challenge of performing as a rock band for the first time. All of this began when our dai-sempai Soga Yasuhisa-san, a member of the Johnny’s band The Good-Bay [sic]***, which debuted in 1983, brought a Beatles-influenced 1960s rock band story into Johnny-san.

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Just a little update-- I don't know who even reads these anymore but I should have Tottsu's Jordan Bat #24 finished soon.

And in case you hadn't heard, he's ended his column with essay #26, saying that he wants to concentrate on acting instead of writing. I'm sorry to see him end Jordan's Bat but I understand not having enough time to devote to writing. It is very time consuming.

The silver lining is having a set number of essays to translate versus an ongoing series I'd never catch up with. At this point I've translated exactly half of the 26 essays with one more almost finished.

Essay #24 was about ABCZa and I cannot WAIT for the DVD release. It sounds like it was amazing.
Hey, hey! In my quest to clean out my drafts folder, I've been working on Tottsu's Da Vinci essay #24 about ABC座 2015 and damn!! I really wish I could have seen it. Also, I WANT THE DVD!!! ジャニーさん、早くDVDをリリスしてね! ABC座を観たい〜!!!!

Here's a teaser:

The roles I was saddled with in Johnny’s Densetsu, the ABCZa we did before this one, were like Itsuo/Gorou-san, who exists to give guidance. This time, I'm one of the group and I'm glad that I get to perform with the other members. I'm even happier with the band concept. When we're in tune, it feels like we're having a conversation using sound, it's different from the choreography of dance, it's a special kind of feeling.

Some other half-finished drafts are Kawai and Kiriyama's final Shokura cross-talk. *sob* That was such a great series. I'm sad it ended.

Gekkan Songs. Yara. Takarazuka. And more Da Vinci! Jordan's Bat, obviously, but I have an Ikuta Toma x Isaka Kotaro talk for Grasshopper.

This is the year of TCB! Taking Care of Bidness. I keep meaning to move all these translations to another blog, or at least mirror them. But who knows when I'll get around to it... nobody is left on LJ. Or maybe just nobody cares enough to comment. LOL!
Part 1 [Includes disclaimers]
Part 2

Ryuu: What would you like people to know about Miya Rurika? Your own hopes or something about how you want 2015 to go.

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