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Please enjoy, friends! I hope you are looking forward to the May tour as much as I am. ♥

As always, I am not a professional translator. I make no money or anything from doing this. And I am certainly not perfect. If you spot something wrong or think I've misunderstood, please let me know so I can fix it.

“We want to be known as the “Chameleons of Johnny’s”! (Kawai)

“I think we’re a good group, in our own way, and that we continue to seek things out. I want to convey both of those things.” (Totsuka)

The summer tour DVD is here!

Secrets of the bold feats only these five people can do

------Last year’s summer tour is now on video. First off, please tell us what feelings were brought up again, watching it.

Kawai: I didn’t show up much in the initial trapeze part (the large swings mounted above the stage). Even though I was swinging with everything I had.

Hashimoto: You were the very first person shown.

Kawai: But I should have been shown more....

------This has turned into grumbling. (grin)

Hashimoto: They’ll figure it out watching the making of.

Kawai: Yeah, I did the most turns on the last day. And having said that, I wonder if we would have been okay with like only showing me.

------Going back to the beginning, where did the idea for the trapeze come from?

Kawai: We watched a video or something on the Internet, didn’t we.

Tsukada: We were talking about what should our next trick be!

Kawai: Tegoshi (Yuya) did it on TV, I think? [Neko-- Yes, he did: ([2010.01.03] 世界の果てまでイッテQ!) ] A while ago we watched the video and thinking over, “How can we do this, I wonder.”

Totsuka: We made those machines.

Kawai: That’s right. They were original machines that even professionals hadn’t thought of.

Tsukada: I was the very first Japanese person to spin around on it. Maybe. (grin)

Totsuka: I did it while listening to Dream Come-san’s [Dreams Come True] 「何度でも」 [Nando demo; No matter how many times]. I thought, if that song’s playing, maybe I can pull it off?!

Hashimoto: It was scary at first but once I got used to it, it was totally fine.

Kawai: That’s because Hashimoto is the best. He even does a solo trapeze bit in “Johnny’s World.”

Hashimoto: Oh, yeah. Even though I did it for two whole months, I never knew whether I’d swing all the way around or not.

Kawai: The apparatus felt different when we used it a while ago at Yoyogi [Neko--where the concert tour was held] than when we used it at the Imperial Theater [Neko--where Johnny’s World was performed]. At first, during rehearsals, Hashimoto wasn’t able to spin. After some adjustments, he could but then I got to thinking, “It’s better if he doesn’t spin though…. Because then it’s okay if I don’t either.” Those are the scattered thoughts I had during rehearsal. (grin)

------But if that’s the only thing getting people amped up during the opening then of course that means it’s a good thing you did it.

Kawai: That’s true. But I don’t do it anymore! (grin) So, this DVD is valuable.

Tsukada: Ah, can I give my impressions, too? Because at the moment the curtain is lowered we see things through the audience’s eyes, ah, we really feel that we’ve succeeded at what we’ve intended.

Goseki: I wonder if it’s because of the video that the lighting of our solo corners was a little disorienting. I’d thought it’d be good to have them a bit clearer. At the creation stage, I whittled down the movement of the lights and made them simpler. We were involved with all sorts of details so I want to use what we learned next time, too.

Hashimoto: I enjoyed this DVD much more than the one that came out last year. The opening, too. I checked everybody’s faces but we didn’t lose focus for even one second.  And watching the audience’s faces, too, I knew that they were enjoying it until the very end so I felt good about it.

Totsuka: It seems like we were able to establish communication with the fans really quickly. Like the part where they change the colors of their pen lights. I think if we can establish even more communication, we can create some good things.

Hashimoto: Can I say one thing?! Tsuka-chan, you touch your hair too much! You’re always fussing with it. [Neko--Watching the DVD again, Hasshi is completely right. Tsuka-chan fusses with his hair a lot. Silly boy.]

Tsukada: Ah, really?!

Hashimoto: Yes.

Totsuka: Tsuka-chan’s solo song (『気にせずGo My Way』 [Kinisezu Go My Way; Without a care, I’m going my way]) looked incredible. Hmm, maybe, they decided to use full body shots on purpose. Because in about two seconds, bam, he changes it up. His face when he shouts “Bolto-!” If they’d gotten a close-up of that, it would have been like a horror movie. Undoubtedly the staff-san were also like, “Whoa, watch out!” and decided on a full body shot, right? The image would have been right up there with Jack Nicholson in the movie The Shining for impact.

Hashimoto: I remember that too! I was like, that’s an awesome face~

Tsukada: That’s my “I just received a three hundred thousand bolt of lightning” face.

------That’s fits the meaning, alright. (grin)

Tsukada: It does!

Totsuka: And then isn’t his posture amazing before he goes into the continuous back flips? When he’s squatting, bowlegged. In that get up (girl’s clothes).

Tsukada: My maleness revealed itself. I’d been acting girl idol-ish but going into the acrobatics, I got all fired up inside like, “Let’s go!” But the gap in Kawai-kun’s solo (『Red Sun』) was also amazing.

Kawai: Huh?

Tsukada: At first you’re making an awkward face but once the song begins everything starts to feel very cool.

Kawai: Personally, right, I think I was a little taller, that costume would suit me more.

------The member introduction song 『A.B.C-Z Love』 was really exciting too.

Tsukada: Thank you very much! Of the member lyrics, I wrote Goseki-kun’s.

Goseki: I did Kawai.

Kawai: I was Hasshi!

Hashimoto: I wrote Tottsu’s.

Totsuka: And I did Tsuka-chan’s.

------Who decided who was responsible for what?

Kawai: At first, the song flowed so that the members would sing one at time and so we thought we should try thinking of lyrics in order of our turns, right? However, with all that, it felt like we were copying other groups so Hashimoto took over all of the singing. Ah, I dare say that’s the story, so it wasn’t a decision?! But then the lyrics Goseki wrote for me used old information. He’s not really interested in me, is he. And then I thought, what style is he using for those rhymes?!

Goseki: A ha ha ha. I thought up different words related to Kawai and when I stuck them in the song I guess it was only old information, huh.

Kawai: I wanted you to have known more. About me. But now, since you’ve just come back from NY (the interview is taking place just after Goseki returned to Japan), you can make awesome stuff from here on out!

------In the DVD documentary, Goseki-kun’s “dual nature” on this tour was explained to us.

Kawai: He’s got a split personality alright.

Goseki: That’s right. Well, because I hadn’t gone all in with a rock-style performance until now I think being able to do that was new. It’s not just dancing, with each and every groove the dual personality is in what’s being shown and the meaning of the way it’s shown.

Totsuka: The songs we want to try come from Hasshi setting a challenge with, “Can I hit the key of this song?” If he can, he says let’s do it.

Kawai: For the hall performances, the first song was “Finally Over”. Both Hasshi and I can hit the key of that song so we talked about which of us would sing it. But, of course, Hasshi is the main vocal. I think it goes against my character.

Tsukada: You handed it over?

Kawai: Yeah, I did. Basically, if I did “Finally Over” with my tour voice, I’d wreck my voice in a day. (grin)

Hashimoto: Out of all our songs this one’s got the highest key. It’s about the same as the B’z-san maybe.

Kawai: You drank olive oil, didn’t you.

Hashimoto: Yup.

(Continued in Part 2)

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