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(Disclaimers, etc. in Part 1).

The legendary ones in Johnny’s are SMAP? And Koichi!?

They’ll also tell us their ambitions for the fourth year after debut!

------By the way, what would you say is the most essential thing for doing concerts?

Kawai: Our bodies.

Tsukada: That’s my thing! (grin)

Kawai: But everybody has bodies, me, all the members, and the fans, too. For a concert, the standard is that an hour beforehand the five of us run through the songs and take time to do stretching and muscle training. Because we, probably, are the ones with the highest chance of getting injured because of the tricks we do. The cheers from the crowd during a concert give us power and really help us but rehearsals are tough. It’s really scary.

Goseki: Rehearsing is the scariest time on the trapeze and stuff.

Totsuka: The view is different.

Kawai: Yeah, because the place is totally empty. When it’s the real deal, it’s okay though. And in our case, we’re all doing it. Nobody is alone.

------However, be that as it may, for those who are always looking forward to enjoying your astonishing performances, expectations are rising aren’t they.

Kawai: Despite thinking I don’t have any anymore, unexpectedly something will pop out, an idea. We also have the staff-san’s plans. Because they know I’m scared they’ll make sure the apparatuses are in perfect condition during rehearsal. So I can’t run away. (grin)

Goseki: We have to prepare things to that degree.

Hashimoto: He (Kawai) dreads them the most, doesn’t he. Everything about the machines.

------Getting to the tour title, what’s legendary about A.B.C-Z?!

Tsukada: Well, we’re not there yet, I don’t think you can say anything about us is legendary. Like on music shows, the things that SMAP-san talk about having done are too awesome…… us, we don’t have anything like that yet.

Kawai: Like how we spent the longest time at the bottom rungs before debuting?

Tsukada: We back danced for different sempai and stuff.

Kawai: And then I wonder if Goseki going to NY will become legendary, too. (grin)

------Then what is legendary in Johnny’s?

Kawai: There’s a lot. The newest is Tackey (Takizawa Hideyaki) taking “Takizawa Kabuki” on tour to Singapore tour, right? That is legendary. My name came up while they were doing some press so I’m including him in order to convey my gratitude.

Hashimoto: Huh? What are you talking about?

Kawai: Kitayama (Hiromitsu) said that “Of all the people that want to be in “Takizawa Kabuki”, I’m number one and Tacky commented “The real number one is Kawai Fumito.” That Tackey, is a good guy. (grin) Our sempai are as legendary as a mountain.

[Neko--I’m trying to save money so I haven’t bought the magazines that might have a reports of “Takizawa Kabuki,” like Stage Square or Best Stage in a while and I couldn’t find scans to double check but I did find a blog post that appears to corroborate what Kawai is saying.]

Tsukada: If you climb the whole staircase Koichi-kun falls down in his play “Endless SHOCK” it’s like going up Fuji-san.

Hashimoto: Really? Awesome!

Kawai: Doing that production for 2 whole months is really something. Last year I also did some sword fighting in a play and it was really tiring. But you can’t compare that to Koichi-kun.

------A full 3 years have passed since A.B.C-Z’s debut. What are your hopes for here on out?!

Hashimoto: They say it’s been three years and I think our sempai must have felt this way too. My thoughts are, ordinary. (grin)

Kawai: Because A.B.C-Z been able to do different things every year, we want to do things we haven’t done yet in our fourth year.

Goseki: We’ve been able to pull off all sorts of things and I want the pace to speed up in our fourth year.

Tsukada: Ditto.

------You’ve gotten more freedom, too. For example, a year ago you couldn’t have done the lady clothes wearing Tsuka-Rika, right?

Totsuka: For those of us around him as well as the guy himself it felt like the time for his “coming out”.

Tsukada: Everybody accepts it. I thought it’d be interesting to do acrobatics in lady’s clothes and as long as I was doing that I should do an idol-style song…… or something.

Hashimoto: Liar. The truth is you wanted to do the idol song first!

Totsuka: That’s right. You wanted to do a girl idol song so you had to wear girl’s clothes, right?

Tsukada: It’s just like they said. (grin) But the scope of what we present has definitely been widened.

Kawai: And with that widening, we want to be able to do the best concert ever, no matter what.

Totsuka: The size of the venue isn’t related to scope

Tsukada: We want to show off how good we are.

Kawai: This time we tried to think up something fresh for both the halls and the arenas. We changed the content to match the size of the venue.

Tsukada: Because we had some free time?

Kawai: Right. And then we had no free time!

------You’re a group with flexibility.

Kawai: Yes. We want to be known as the “Chameleons of Johnny’s”!

Totsuka: I think we’re a good group, in our own way, and that we continue to seek things out. I hope we convey both of those things. Because that’s how we’ve felt all this time, I know we’ll keep moving ahead in our fourth year, too! If we keep moving one step at a time, we won’t be stopped.


Apr. 10th, 2015 10:35 am (UTC)
I think it's funny to know which member wrote the lyrics. :)))
Apr. 10th, 2015 10:41 am (UTC)
yes!! for some reason it's cute & funny lol
love them♡

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