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I have done a lot of thinking about this and here is what I've come up with:

a) Obviously "Shower Gate" is nonsense English but what is it supposed to mean? A logic gate? A physical entrance gate? Plumbing?! WHAT?

b) Ah-ha! There is a SMAP song called "Summer Gate" that is very similar in sound and style and lyrical content:

c) It is possible "Shower Gate" is a tribute to "Summer Gate" but with "shower" swapped in for "summer."

d) Now we're getting somewhere. So, what is "Summer Gate" supposed to mean? I puzzled over this for a long while and the most reasonable explanation is that it's meant to be "Summer Date." Because the lyrics are about fun and summer and getting busy with a lady friend.

e) Which would make "Shower Gate" about a "shower" date except I'm assuming it's meant to be rain shower because there is a line about wet shoes and looking at the starry night sky and eyes and come closer, girl, etc.

f) Which would also make this one tweet I read make sense where the girl was gushing over "Summer Gate" being about June brides and showers of flower petals. Because June in Japan is the rainy season (yes?)

SO THAT IS MY THEORY--> "Gate" is to "Date" as "Jark" is to "Dark". Also "shower" refers to a rain shower. American English would probably have the title as something like "A Rainy Day Date" or something. THE END.

My favorite parts of the 04.08.2015 performance:

Tottsu's embarrassed reaction to trying to play the Kento-style idol while his ridiculous line about youth being the number of times you mix your natto is read out… (But please do tell if there's a reference there I'm not getting!! Other than it just being incongruous.)

Leading of course to Goseki's huge belly laugh at his expense while he doesn't realize he's on camera.

Goseki~~ ♥

In the opening he's like a little puppet master, making Ebi dance while he controls them.

Dance, Hasshi! Dance!

I loved this angle on Kawai. ♥

Tsuka-chan here cracked me up! Hee!

I loved this Gocchi-Tottsu lean and then…

BOOM! You've been Kawai'ed, suckas!

Tsuka-chan's solo line. TSUKA-CHAN'S SOLO LINE WAS GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is such an idol~~ ♥

Mr. Underplaying It. Heh. (Also Fumito's face… guh. ♥)

And then this business.

SHOWER GATE!! I'd go on a shower gate with you guys any time!! And I hate getting rained on! Bright now! Even though it's a jark night out. Your love is like a blow! LET'S GATE IT ON!


Apr. 11th, 2015 11:00 am (UTC)
That's true! It's another good possibility. "Gateway to Summer" and then the songwriter puts in "shower" for "summer"… giving A.B.C-Z's nonsense phrase.

The other thought I had was that 夏門 can be read かもん or "come on" like "come on, girl, please hook up with me in the summer time." Heee! It would be a good pun for a song about trying to get busy with a girl but I don't think it's intentional.
Apr. 11th, 2015 11:25 am (UTC)
god, I love japanese for all the wordplay-possibilities! ♥

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