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Working on another Ori Star from last July

I like these Ori Star interviews because they mostly talk about the art/music and not so much with the date plans and favorite foods and interviewers heavily pushing the magazines favorite bromance pairings.

I'm about 2/3 of the way done. Hopefully I'll post it up sometime next week.

BUT. I had to just squee that Tsuka-chan mentions he's been really into Momoiro Clover Z and just… OF COURSE! His solo song makes complete sense now. If he'd been stanning away after Momoclo, then it makes complete sense he'd want to do a girl idol type song for his solo! Somehow it makes me really happy that Tsuka-chan loves Momoclo.

I'd love for Quick Japan to do an interview/cover story on Ebi. I feel like it fits their mold--I've got their issues with Momoclo, Golden Bomber, Kyary, and total performance involved groups. It would have been perfect fit for Mahou Danshi Cherry's actually. That kind of genre/subculture topic.

Also, Kawai mentions being really into Madonna's DVDs. Heh. I'm assuming he was watching the MDNA tour video? That came out towards the end of 2013. Fumito, you taking notes on how to make an entrance?

Also, also. Be care searching Madonna in amazon.jp. Ew.

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