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I'll try to update this with a screenshot later. The other bits are done, I just need to finish editing so I should have part 2 up tomorrow and part 3 on Friday… if all goes well. I have been very, very ill these past three weeks but doing this kind of thing took my mind off my pain for a short time. Thank you, A.B.C-Z! ♥

This オリ★スタ talk is about the 『Legend Story』 DVD single and it's a real gem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it! I think it makes the PV that much more meaningful when you hear how much thought they put into the performance.

Anyways. As always I'm not perfect nor am I fluent. If you spot a mistake or think I misunderstood something, please let me know so I can go back and fix it. I've been quite ill so please be kind. ♥

Special Interview

“Right out of the gate they’ll say, ‘Man, A.B.C-Z’s a group that can do stuff like this!’”

Their sixth DVD single is going on sale!

Showing off their one camera speciality.

------“Legend Story” is a grander and more dramatic number than we’ve seen from you in the two years since your debut. And you shot this on stage, in one continuous shot.

Tsukada: For this one I thought, man, it’s super close to how we present ourselves in the play.

Hashimoto: (Cooly) Whoa, really? (grin)

Tsukada: It’s like doing the DVD itself was an extension of doing the play, like you see us just the way we are, warts and all……

------When did you record it?

Tsukada: When was it? There weren’t any plans to release it at first. While we were deciding which songs were going to be in the revival of 『ジャニーズ伝説』 [Johnny’s Densetsu; The Legend of Johnny’s], we thought, “This is a good song, isn’t it.” It was after we sang it in the stage play that the release was decided.

Goseki: And that’s why we used the theater to film for the DVD this time but I thought it also just suited the song really well.

------It’s a melodious, timeless song, isn’t it. And because of that classic feel, I must admit that it seems like the type of thing your kouhai will be singing fifty years from now…...

All Members: Whoa!

Hashimoto: Ah, kind of like “Never My Love.”

------Yeah, that’s it.

Kawai: I’m really happy to hear you say that. I really like this song.

Hashimoto: Everybody likes it, don’t they.

------I feel like the song, as such, also has a deep message, like you’ve made up your minds to carry on the traditions of Johnny’s and that you’re holding people’s hopes.

Hashimoto: Well, for this song, one of the hard parts was that there’s a slow version and a fast version but because we did the fast one first, when we did the slow one I was thinking, “It’s too slow!” But, if I did take things up a level then both of them are good. And that’s pretty awesome.

Goseki: The melody is nice, isn’t it.

------Be that as it may, although it’s clearly a beautiful song, that’s not what you drew on. Even using one camera, my god, you’ve turned it into something dramatic.

Hashimoto: We used dance and the 5 Rings (a trick using giant, spinning wheels), we showcased the things we’re good at one after another.

Totsuka: Doing stuff is our speciality, isn’t it.

Kawai: Right out of the gate they’ll say, “Man, so A.B.C-Z’s a group that can do stuff like this.”

------What part should we be watching for?

Hashimoto: The 5 Rings are a highlight and I also want people to see what we create with the audience. The visuals really came to fit the song. Even though we shot it with one camera, it’s not just one scene. When the setting switches, a whole new world opens up. And, there’s no audience at first but before you know it they’re there and at the end we’ve created all this energy together…….

Goseki: That’s right. I think we’ve expanded the possibilities of the one camera video with this DVD. Two times in a row, the one before and the one before that, that we shot outside on location. [Neko: “Never My Love” and “Walking on Clouds”] Maybe we got some confidence after being able to film everything in a day. And the fans were really magnificent. They only had two minutes to file into their seats. Like what? About 1200 or so fans filed into their seats while we were singing on stage.

------Amazing, that’s the capacity of the Nissay Theater or Aoyama Theater, isn’t it.

Kawai: The audience filled their seats in an instant.

Goseki: That’s why I hope people understand that this video was actually only filmed with one camera.

Kawai: And it’s not just “Legend”, the b-side 「僕らのこたえ〜Here We Go〜」[Bokura No Kotae~ Here We Go~; This is Our Answer ~Here We Go~] is also the first song in a long time that we’ve done such an intense dance. We gave it everything we’ve got with those intense turns. And the fans join in, too. That’s why I was also more energized than usual. I spread my legs wide in a Matsushima Sou-kun from Sexy Zone type stance (the distance your feet are apart while dancing), and just went for it. (grin)

Tsukada: When I was standing on that stage, the lyrics and the scenery before me were linked and I could feel myself just so amped up. It’s like our dreams and the fans dreams were layered on top of one another. I felt scared, thinking that. The human energy feels like it’s radiating directly off the film.

Totsuka: It’s too much, from the beginning to the end! Everything is a highlight. It’s not a DVD that takes you to an unrealistic, fantasy world. Although you see the room dissolve, it becomes the theater space. You’re drawn into it.

------And being able to announce a work of this type, with the passing of days and months, it’s been a full 2 years since your debut, and you are truly able to do what you’re best at.

Tsukada: Two years ago, at the beginning, it would never have occurred to us to try to film something on stage.

Goseki: The songs were different too, you know.

Part 2 this way

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