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All for One pamphlet translation

In preparation for my post on going to see All For One I’m working through a bunch of written articles, etc. I thought this was a fun bit in the official program so I decided to share it. PLEASE ENJOY!!

My usual disclaimer is that I am not a professional translator nor am I by any means fluent. I would add for this piece that I am also a beginner in Takarazuka fandom so I may not get references, etc. If you spot something I’ve got wrong, please let me know so I can fix it. I am well aware that I’m not perfect. Just be kind. It’s all I ask.

Additional note: the word being asked about in Q.1 is 冒険 (bouken) which has a meaning of risk or adventure in English. I always think of the phrase, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” The Takarasiennes answered using multiple shades of meaning so I didn’t feel comfortable putting a single English word to “bouken”.

Q.1 Can you tell us a “risk” or “adventure” you’ve taken?

Q.2 Can you think of a catchphrase for Tamaki-san in the style of “d'Artagnan, the unbeatable hero”? “Tamaki Ryou, ____”? And, Tamaki-san, can you give catchphrases for the rest of the cast?


珠城りょう・Tamaki Ryou

A.1 This happened when I played the hare in Alice’s Lover. I was always being told to calm down, even when I was a kakyuusei. So I wondered if wearing a pair of ears and a costume with a rabbit’s face drawn on it going to cut it. Would the audience get it…? When I look back, I think it was risky but now I’ve grown to like that hare costume. (Laugh)

A.2 “Manaki Reika, strength in flexibility.”

She’s very flexible in her dancing. And although she herself is easy-going, at her center she is also determined and unwaverable.

“Miya Rurika, a soft and fluffy gap”

Normally she’s cuddly and loves cute things but when she appears on stage she completely transforms into somebody erotic, suave, mysterious… That switch is incredible.

“Tsukishiro Kanato, still an unknown quantity”

We’re only a year apart but we haven’t had much contact until now. How does she build her characters? What is her acting like? Those things are still unknown quantities and I’m looking forward to them!

“Saou Kurama, cute and sexy”

This time she’s playing the Duchess of Montpensier, which is a adorable, cutesy role but at unexpected times she becomes sensual … I think that balance of cute and sexy is wonderful.


愛希れいか・Manaki Reika

A.1 You could say this is something connected to this production… Was I asked to play a male role in my kakyuusei days? I was a musumeyaku from the beginning in [Takarazuka] Music School and I’ve always mourned having to up on my desire to become an otokoyaku… But Takarazuka itself is a world of dreams and I think that already taking a step forward into that world was an adventure.

A.2 “Tamaki Ryou, an ample bosom”

Because she embraces the entire troupe within her ample bosom.

Note: The catchphrase here is 大きい懐 [Ooki Futokoro, lit. large breast/bosom] which I can only read in the old-fashioned Anne of Green Gables way of a “bosom friend” as somebody dear to your heart.


美弥るりか・Miya Rurika

A.1 When I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a hero and I’d often make a cape out of cloth and use a makeshift sword and play with the boys. I was the type who wanted to put on a disguise and have an adventure. I was badly injured when I took an “I can fly!” jump and I thought there was a secret world in a small hole in this big tree so I dug it up. I got into a lot of trouble. Because I went through some painful experiences, I’ve completely lost the desire to go adventuring. (laugh)

A.2 “Tamaki Ryou, infinite tolerance!”

I know she has her own troubles but she never lets us see it. We in the troupe are supported on her strong, reliable back. She really puts us all at ease. I think that’s incredible.


月城かなた・Tsukishiro Kanato

A.1 This is from the beginning of rehearsals. It was my first time with Tamaki-san and I was very nervous but Tamaki-san made the effort to try and talk to me outside of our scenes. I thought she was re--ally sweet to talk with me… I’m not the type who is naturally able to speak frankly with people, so for me that was an important “risk” to take. (laugh)

A.2 A catchphrase… that’s tough~ “Action-Romance: All for Tamaki, ~You’ll Want To Leap Into Those Arms~”


沙央くらま・Saou Kurama

A.1 This happened right around when I joined Takarazuka. I suddenly got it in my head to go to Okinawa by myself with just a backpack. I found out that I could have a lot of fun by myself and then after that I also went by myself to Paris. As part of the Takarazuka Kagekidan we learn how to live a communal life but on the other hand you could say that we come to rely too much on having others around to take care of things. I want to find my limits. When an unexpected problem pops up, will I be able to figure out solution on my own. I want to test how much I can do on my own… Getting by speaking broken English and French and using various gestures. For me, that was an unforgettable “adventure.”

A.2 “Tamaki Ryou, the sparkling, ‘my pace’ person”


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