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FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Please do not copy or republish. I am not a professional so if you spot an error please let me know so I can fix it. THANK YOU AND ENJOY!



「All for One」




Tamaki: Because I hadn’t done a comedy play until this one, I was actually half-nervous, half-excited. But once the curtain came up, I felt how much the audience was enjoying themselves.

Miya: I think this work truly comes alive with the help of the audience. With their support and energy, each day is completely different. Like, ‘ah, today they laughed here.’

Tamaki: The reaction to Ruri-san’s (Miya) and my’s church scene was surprising. We always get a big laugh!

Miya:  Right, when d'Artagnan (Tamaki) confesses that his lover is “his majesty, the king” and then Aramis (Miya) says “A dude…” Certainly, if you look at it objectively it’s a strange thing to say but I had no idea there’d be such a huge laugh…

Tamaki: It’s a bit surprising. But when it comes in the play the audience will get the joke if I sell it with everything I’ve got. As it is, the timing of the joke is extremely difficult!

Miya: Yes, it is. It’s a bit like we’re performing at Yoshimoto Shinkigeki, isn’t it. Ryou-chan (Tamaki) seriously thought through the comic timing like, “Wouldn’t it be funnier if I confidently said his majesty is a woman as soon as the background music cuts off?!” It was like you were professional comedian (laugh).

Tamaki: (laugh) If you change the timing a little the comedy changes.

Miya: And it’s no good if you lampshade it.

Tamaki: Yeah, you always have to play it earnestly.

Miya: And when you learn that “Louise” is Louis XIV (Manaki) you take a super-serious pratfall. I like watching that scene from the stage wing. It’s so funny! At the rehearsal space, we were wondering if we’d get laughs at the kabe-don scene and everything…

Tamaki: We were nervous about it.

Miya: But everybody really enjoys it. Even I laugh when I see it.

Tamaki: I’m so glad~ And it’s all thanks to the “don” sound effect. (laugh)

* Yoshimoto Shinkigeki is a famous comedy theater in Osaka


Tamaki: And somehow even my partnership with Ruri-san feels fresh.

Miya: I guess so. But, you know, when we see Ryou-chan, it’s like how Aramis and company see d'Artagnan. Your kouhai see you as dependable and it’s incredibly reassuring. It’s feels similar to how in the Three Musketeers, d’Artagnan is just naturally the star musketeer.

Tamaki: And just like d’Artagnan looks up to the Three Musketeers, the regular me also feels reassured if Ruri-san and Toshi-san (Uzuki) are around and that respect is a link between us. I think it has to be tough for Ari (Akatsuki) because she has to play a sempai-type character while she’s still a kakyuusei. Still, that she fits the character so well, that’s Koike-sensei for you. Ruri-san, too, as the ladykiller of the century. You didn’t even really need to get into character. (laugh)

Miya: Hey, hold on. I’m the biggest ladykiller of this century?! How am I going to play that… is what I thought. (laugh)

Tamaki: Oh my gosh.

Miya: Everybody who watches will get that he’s “The Playboy”. But I also wanted to put across that when it comes to thinking about his country, he’s very serious.

Tamaki: How is it? The number in the church where you’re followed around by the ladies. Don’t you get a lot of kyaa-kyaa’s?!

Miya: There are. Even while I’m singing, I don’t know why but everybody flocks around me. (laugh)

Tamaki: And at the tavern, a ton of musumeyaku-san flock to you. And you still keep singing!

Miya: That’s right. Even though I’m singing, they swarm me and the audience probably can’t even see who it is that is singing (laugh).

Tamaki: At the tavern, everybody really shows off their characters. Toshi-san’s cool and collected aura really suits her.

Miya: Yeah. You think, Ah, she’s that kind of person~. And Ari-chan is connected with youth and energy.

Tamaki: I like the energy of the sword fighting troupe’s “Attack on Titan” scene too. Each role really shines.

Miya: The Mazarin (Itsuki) Family also leaves a strong impression.

Tamaki: It does~ The royal palace crew also has a lot of personality. Hiro-san (Itsuki) can change the mood in an instant with her dialogue and Koma-san (Saou) also has an extremely cute character.

Miya: She is funny, right. She just has to walk on stage and I’ll start smiling. (laugh)

Tamaki: And then there’s Tsukishiro playing Bernardo. First of all, well~ he leads a pretty angry life. (laugh) But in the second half when her posse is defeated, that’s still fun to watch. This is my first time working with Tsukishiro but it feels like she totally loves acting so I think working with her will be enjoyable. Because she got to know everybody during Ruriiro no Toki we all became friendly really quickly, and I thought, ah, this is great.

Miya: Fast like the wind, wasn’t it, fast like the wind. (laugh) Moon Troupe is known for doing amazing dramas, right? So, because she also thinks a lot about her acting, she fit in right away.

Tamaki: And then this time Chapi (Manaki), right? She’s doing an amazing job playing both an otokoyaku and a musumeyaku! She used to be an otokoyaku so she used that experience and her performance when she’s playing Louise as a man is just incredible.

Miya: Her “ah, ah, ah~” when she was practicing her voice in a low register was incredible. (laugh) Although at first it was still a bit too high. And then I like the forbidden love!

Tamaki: How should I put it, Takarazuka fans were incredibly happy about that. Ruri-san also said this before but your heart speeds up when you see Chapi’s love scenes when she’s dressed as a man.

Miya: It’s true~! It’s so cute! And especially when she’s singing “A Single Eagle” [一羽の鷲に] at the top of the staircase. More than during rehearsals, when she’s wearing the costume, the kyun-kyun-ness level is raised considerably!

Tamaki: Even performing those scenes is odd. Watching in the audience you can see the whole story but for me when I first meet her, she’s the king.

Miya: I like the meet-cute at the tavern!

Tamaki: Koike-sensei also said he put a lot of importance on the meeting with Louise. He said he wanted me to play it with a clumsy, awkward-in-love feeling.

Miya: Ah~ I can see that. That’s the way to do it! For me, at the tavern, I say, “With this beautiful lady? There’s more to you than meets the eye.” And after that the feeling that d'Artagnan is not used to this really seeps out. It’s so cute.

Tamaki: (Huge laugh)

Miya: D’Artagnan should be feeling depressed but then it’s like bam, he sees a lady and gets caught up in it. (laugh) Even though I started singing in order to cheer d’Artagnan up~ (laugh)

Tamaki: That’s for sure! (laugh) The awkwardness also comes out in the scene where I restrain Louise. I don’t want her to leave but I don’t express it well.

Miya: But we’re waiting for the absolute number one juiciest scene. The “don!” of the kabe-don of the cutest lady in the tavern. In the blink of an eye, you’ve fallen in love.

Tamaki: We wait for a big laugh. It feels like the audience is watching and cheering on their love story.


Tamaki: In this play, the brawl in the tavern in the first act was especially tough but we try to display the individual characteristics of everybody’s characters by showcasing some movements. Ruri-san, you handle your cape gorgeously, don’t you.

Miya: (laugh) Because there’s a lot of people and a lot of pieces to the set, it’s hard to move in that tight space. So, you can’t cheat with the timing. It took an incredible amount of practice.

Tamaki: Yeah, it did. But one time I tried to wave my cape and it ripped… (laugh)

Miya: That was cute! It was during the argument with Bernardo at the tavern. Ryou-chan is looking very cool as she’s going to spread her cape out and then with a flourish the whole thing rips. I don’t think you could see it from the audience but Ryou-chan powered through and got it fixed.

Tamaki: I looked like a hamster. (laugh)

Miya: Yeah, you did. Like hamster going sha sha sha!* (laugh) And then, when it was fixed you had such a smug face. (laugh)

Tamaki: I thought I wasn’t going to hit my mark in the tavern brawl scene on time so I was really impatient! Ruri-san, did anything happen to you?

Miya: I guess when I was shocked in the church scene and I knocked over the chair?

Tamaki: Ah, that’s right. When d’Artagnan says, “His majesty is a woman” and you were overly vigorous in acting shocked. (laugh)

Miya: Then the two of us are like, “What… what should we do” (laugh)

Tamaki: The audience was laughing at us.

Miya: Yup, a lot.

Tamaki: And when that happened we had to resist laughing…

Miya: Ryou-chan and me are always cracking up so that was a bit tough to get through. (laugh)

* Miya says, ハムスターみたにシャシャシャッて! Literally, “like a hamster going ‘sha sha sha’!” which I can only assume is a reference to the TWICE meme thing?



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