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Tamaki: The Finale begins with Ruri-san’s song.

Miya: Wrapped up in the warmth of the happy ending, the lyrics that I’m singing are also warm. I think my own feelings are layered into that. I get really emotional.

Tamaki:  Because Ruri-san’s voice echoes so deeply throughout the theater it naturally keeps the warmth of the story in people’s minds. We listen backstage while we’re changing.

Miya: While you’re rushing around, huh. (laugh) After that is Ryou-chan followed by the musumeyaku. You’re sitting on the big staircase.

Tamaki: I’ve never been encircled by the musumeyaku-san before so it feels really fresh. As an otokoyaku I think I’m more blessed than I deserve. Of course, they’re all so gorgeous.

Miya: It’s really refreshing! The musumeyaku-san are like, “Hey, come here.” (laugh)

Tamaki: (laugh) The choreography for the otokoyaku group dance after that takes a lot of strength and energy so we put in some unique build-up choreography.

Miya: It’s refreshing.

Tamaki: How is the spot where I transition into the up tempo number? It’s  pretty cool, isn’t it.

Miya: It’s so difficult~ really! Hard is hard but the battle-style choreography that the gang of guys does is also fun.

Tamaki: It’s so cool.

Miya: The duet with Chapi has a lot of turns in it and that floor-spin is incredible!

Tamaki: Thank you very much. But because I’m using the centrifugal force when doing the floor-spin, it’s easier than you would think. The duet choreography is meant to evoke the image of a double-headed eagle. And generally I’m aware of the details when I’m dancing. I want to continue the story into the duet. I really love it when the sense of story is still there even when you’re dancing.


Miya: This is a comedic work so when we go to Tokyo the reactions will probably be different.

Tamaki: I wonder what kind of atmosphere there will be.

Miya: We’ll likely get laughs and curses where we aren’t expecting it. Those types of changes make me nervous but I’m looking forward to it. Our acting changes with the response, so you could say there’s always a real Tokyo version. Naturally, we’ll change as well. Even people who saw the show in Takarazuka, when they see it in Tokyo, they’ll bring yet a different feeling to it, I bet. There’s male comradeship, kyun-kyun-inducing love, and tons of everything that Takarazuka fans love! We made sure of it. (laugh) I think we’ll enjoy the Tokyo run of the show.

Tamaki: You’re right. In Takarazuka it was summer; in Tokyo it we’ll be putting on the play in the fall. The seasons fit the bright energy of the show.

Miya: No matter your age, there’s something for the whole family in this show.

Tamaki: That’s so true. Undoubtedly after you finish watching it, you’ll think fondly about your friends and family and people close to you. This play has all types of love packed into it, I think. The world of the play is far from realistic but somehow you’ll empathize and think about those close to you and smile. This is a comedy so we get an immediate and direct response from the audience and I feel the enjoyment of the story all over again. And so, for the Tokyo performance, one show at a time, we’ll put on an enjoyable, fresh show for the audience. Working together with everybody, I want do my best.


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